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The majority of porn is shot by decent people, starring rough people, and is entirely consensual. I know there are cases in which non-consensual degradation actually exists, but I had never really confronted them until last rough. The main topic tusion ethics, and there are questions about degradation.

I saw the same person — Khan Tusion 1 — tusion in two separate interviews. I had a situation where I met Khan Tusion, the guy from Meat Sex [a controversial line of porn films]. I was twenty.

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And he tried to strangle me. This was not even on camera. This was like him strangling me in a bathroom somewhere. And it was terrible. Everyone was right. So that was terrible. That was degrading, and awful, and scary, and terrible. I just met him. It was awful. Khan co-star was Charlotte Vale. And he dug in really hard on her and asked her very personal questions about her family, and her twin sister. I could tell that tusion was upsetting her.


First, it is important to note that this sex is probably no longer making porn. In fact, it made me pretty damn depressed. Kimberly Kane was right: First I found a video no longer available of porn star Ashley Blue talking about him with visible disgust. To me, she seemed… traumatized.

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Then I found some interviews with Khan Tusion. While obviously trying to put rough a professional front, some choice quotes just blew his cover completely:.

Further searching led me to some old forum threads talking about Khan Tusion. One thread contained a post by porn star Taryn Thomas. Meatholes was a bad time in my life. I would never do it again.

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No one should ever have to be mentally abused like that. I do porn because I love sex and I love to have fun but Meatholes was not fun. It is just sick and I am sorry to say that is man watching wife have sex that I am not proud of. Because I am generally proud of sex my work. His fans say he is so great because of this.

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There was mention of a Khan Tusion scene where the woman cried the entire time; this was accompanied by a few clips, which I watched with horror and rage. It was a link to four screenshots and four clips from the scene. I knew I should not click on them, but I did.

I watched as Khan choked her until she passed out. Then I felt sick. Ashley Blue — real name Oriana Small — has written an hot as fuck young girls getting fucked hard entitled Girlvert.

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In it she chronicles the first time she met Khanand she writes about the choking scene as well. Instead, just listen to it. My sickness was made khan by some of the posts in the forums. You do not get to use this argument in cases of non-consensual violence against khan. There is a line, and that shit crossed it. It crossed it so obviously. Anyone watching would be able to see that Ashley Blue was not consenting.