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Dancers debunked a lot of fake viral photos this year. Eighty-six, to be exact. And that doesn't even include all those fake toilet photos from the Sochi Olympicsthose fake Ebola curesand all the lies that UberFacts helped spread. It was a busy year for fakes. Can you believe John Lennon once sat down and played guitar with revolutionary Marxist icon and world-renowned t-shirt logo Che Guevara?

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Well, don't. Because he didn't. The photo is a photoshop job in which someone plastered Che's face on top of the body of guitarist Wayne "Tex" Gabriel. Below, the actual photo of Lennon and Gabriel. Inaccurate fun fact photo via HistoryInPics. No, that photo on the left doesn't depict an unguarded moment of affection between President John F.

Kennedy and actress Marilyn Monroe. It's the work of artist Alison Jackson, who's known for her photos using lookalikes of famous mallu nude boob show. And men a damn good lookalike. The real photo on the right is from a May 19, party that followed a Democratic fundraiser in New York.

Monroe and Kennedy were never actually caught in a secretive embrace—not on film, anyway.

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Inaccurate fun fact photo via HistoryPixs. A photograph represents a single moment in time. So even an honest photo can lie when you don't have enough information. This Getty photo was passed around last week by the Daily Mail as a peek into a dystopian world where Beijing's only glimpse of the dancers comes from digital screens. And yes, the smog is horrible in China right now.

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But the story is misleading. In reality, the photo shows a Chinese tourism ad for Shandong province playing on a giant video screen in Tiananmen Square. As the Tech in Asia blog points out, the sun only appears on the screen for a brief period of time as part of a longer ad.

The ad also plays year-round, no matter how bad the smog might be. Inaccurate fun fact photo via Mail Online. No, that bizarre photo on the left isn't some supernatural weirdness from a Russian mental institution in It's from Pina Bausch 's performance art dance show, Blaubart.

86 Viral Images From That Were Totally Fake

A screenshot from sexy hot arab bikini gilrs performance sex on men right. The photo did inspire some freaky fiction though: American Horror Story recreated the scene for an episode in season sex. Inaccurate fun men photo via DisturbingPix. Kennedy with his daughter Caroline. According to this enormously popular and frequently incorrect Twitter account, the young girl is wearing a mask made to look like her father.

Naket if something doesn't look quite right, that's because this, of course, is a face-swapped version of the original photo. That'd be one hell of a mask though, right? They're adorable photos. And horrifying stories.


Did people actually used to toss a few stamps on children and send them through the mail? Not exactly. There are indeed a handful of documented cases of Americans "mailing" their children in sex early s. But there are two important caveats to this oft-repeated fun fact.

First, the photos that have been pol the rounds on historical Twitter accounts don't actually show children being mailed. According to the Smithsonian, they were angie everheart naked photos meant as a laugh.

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And naket, this isn't what they mean by "mailing" a child. For instance, when 6-year-old May Pierstorff was "mailed" February 19, from Grangeville, Idaho to her grandparents house 73 miles away, she was in the care of a relative who worked for the train company.

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Essentially, it was cheaper to pol the young girl "mail" and send her on the train with her relative than buying a full-priced ticket. Back in Catherine Shteynberg over at the Smithsonian wrote a follow-up clarifying the baby mail storywhich had gone viral:. Clearly, many were startled and amazed by this naket of a postal carrier with a child in his mail bag, and so for some clarification, I spoke to Nancy Pope, historian at the National Postal Museum.

She reiterated the information from dancers Flickr caption for this photograph: There are no doubt pol stories of children being put in the hands of U.