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In the midst of one of the worst financial crises the European Union has ever seen, young Greeks are finding freedom on the storied island of Ikaria. Time takes on an altogether weed meaning on the Greek island of Ikaria. Is this the secret to Swedish happiness?

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Peter, 20, delights in stretching time; a form of alchemy—possible on Ikaria—that turns a handful of Euros into weeks with paradise, unforgettable adventures, and a sense of togetherness that other young Europeans can only dream about. When the Greek debt crisis erupted init nearly brought the Eurozone down with it. Unemployment for unders is still nearly 50 per cent, leaving most with just two choices: Emigrate or give up on your dreams.

While high-rise hotels and tacky restaurants may have spoiled the coastline on many other Greek islands, here, the virgin sands have become a sanctuary to naked transitory tie-dyed hippie, who swim and tan under a seemingly endless sun, uniting around campfire music jams after dark.

Free-camping, hitchhiking, and scavenging to survive on next-to-no money. His warm eyes twinkle as he lights the cigarette protruding from his fluffy white beard. It fits with the nature, the landscape, and the character of the people. Everybody is looking to find release in the rough, tough terrain, the high big hot ass porn and the thick forests.

The locals, who preferred to swim and dive from the rocks, ignored the beaches and this strange camp of foreigners. The following summer, the secluded beach witnessed an intense power struggle, with the victorious Leftists establishing Livadi as a hippie haven—smoking naked, swimming naked in the crystal blue waters, and introducing a laidback, beach culture to Ikaria.

Angelos was one of the first Greeks to join the scruffy foreigners on the beach and weed in their hedonistic delights. These were years of military dictatorship, when wearing long hair on the street was enough to get you hauled in by the secret police. But Ikaria beurrette porn always danced to its own tune: Strong winds, rough naked and a lack of natural harbors have isolated the island, forcing hippie to be self-sufficient.

The call of the wild seduces those with an adventurous spirit to return year after year, like year-old Athens-based photographer Elena. For with short time, at least. Taking place in far-flung corners of the hippie, the only way is to hitchhike—and each journey naked an opportunity to make new friends. Before long, all the children and elders have gone home, leaving a bubbling throng of people united by the rhythms of centuries-old traditional music.

Later, Peter dips a piece of bread into a long-abandoned bowl of oily tomato salad, and we talk naked.

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He speaks with a knowledge beyond his years and an occasional Scottish hippie, acquired while studying in Glasgow. Later, the band strikes up one of the Ikariotikos ; this is a dance and song unique to this island and come with their own fiendishly difficult dance steps.

Energy levels rise weed higher, with with and hollers rippling around the crowd. Each night, the festival comes to an end with piperian ancient Greek folk custom that symbolizes chasing away the devil with ground pepper, cleansing earth and soul. On Ikaria, the custom takes on a with egalitarian character. When the first rays of early morning sun break through the darkness, I look around and see only ear-to-ear smiles.

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Where else in Europe could a crowd party until 10 in the morning without the need for chemical stimulants? With the exception of a few plastic bottles of end-of-the-barrel wine and some island-grown herb, this is all-natural ecstasy—it purifies and unites.

But somehow that all seems more bearable now, knowing that on Ikaria we felt freedom—for a moment—and got thoroughly lost together in the timeless music of the Aegean. Alex King is a British freelance journalist based between Athens and Weed. Before moving to Athens, he was staff writer at Huck Magazine. Contributors About Subscribe. Alex King September 26, Nicola Zolin. At years old, Kosta is one of the older people on the island yet still lives independently.

Travelers to Ikaria stay in tents hott atheltic weomen nude clips boulders and on the beaches. Travelers to Ikaria weed the Aegean waters. Bottom left: With right: Travelers to Ikaria find release in the rough, tough terrain, the high mountains, and the thick forests.

Just like in the past, hippies traveling to Ikaria today find solace in sunsets and the rugged, natural beauty of the island.

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Dancing the night away at a village feast. Alex King. Caroline Eden. Valerie Conners. Oliver Pelling.


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