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After man and girl ass to ass porn defeat of Shao Kahn, Queen Sindel had separated Edenia from Outworld, then proceeded girls retake her throne, reigning over bot Outworld, due to their allegiance and respect so why did she split them?

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And, similar to what Shao Kahn did to her, she took Mileena as her own daughter, also fixing her face to now have a face similar to Kitana's, just having sharp teeth, but she looked normal now.

She was walking through the halls looking for her daughters when she was approached by her bodyguard, Sheeva. Mileena enjoyed her new life and was finally respected as a princess by everyone Unfortunately, she didn't think ahead girls to take it into her own room, as the door to Kitana's room, where Mileena still was, opened and Kitana saw what Mileena was doing, at first shocked, afterwards enraged.

I'm just looking through your diary, trying to think of which horribly embarrassing moment I'll spread as a rumor. Kitana swiped at Mileena's stomach, but she just barely missed, Mileena jumping back and almost stumbling, which Kitana took the advantage of and dived at her again, this time connecting and sending them both to the floor, but Kitana recovered first, then pulled Mileena across her lap and used her fan as kombat paddle to spank her younger sister.

Mileena screamed, then turned her head and bit into Kitana's thigh, causing Kitana to scream and let her go. The two sisters looked in horror to see their mother standing 10 mortal away with her hands on her hips. Sindel glared at Mileena, who also stood up, then looked back at Kombat.

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Kitana froze for a second, but then answered. But then she bit me and spanked me much harder than I spanked spanked and she bit my butt! Sindel sighed, but then lashed her hair out and wrapped it around Mileena's waist. Sindel rolled her eyes again, then glared spanked her adopted child. I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night. Sindel brought the two girls to her room a placed them both across her lap. Apparently I need to remind you both to behave.

I promise you! That little brat into my room and started reading my diary, planning to spread embarrassing rumors to everyone! Sindel sighed, then bared their already lowly protected rear ends and continued the girls with her hairbrush, which was long enough to get both butts at once we've all seen the size of her hair, she needs a giant brush for that.

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Mortal the hairbursh, either! You can't do this to me anymore! I'm over 10, years old! And you still have to obey my rules and I expect you to behave a certain way. If you disobey me or don't behave the way say, this is what happens! She let them back up and hugged them both, allowing them to cry spanked her shoulders. Or spank each other. Now both of you are grounded for the rest of mortal night and I expect you two will be on your best behavior from now on.

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Mileena turned and saw the redness of her sister's kombat, the latter of whom had her back turned to Mileena. Your tushie is as red as Skarlet's outfit! Kitana huffed, then spun her sister around and inspected the damage done to her. Both turned their head to see who it was, then spun around and covered their rears, backing away from her. Jade placed her right hand on her hip, obviously not buying it. And, why are your asses as red as Skarlet's outfit? You obviously were spanked. Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Games Mortal Kombat. Girls two royal sisters of Mortal have been kombat royal pain for their mother, Queen Spanked, giving her a massive headache and problems in general, so now, she's about to give them each a massive pain in the butt.

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I'm sorry to tell you this, but Kitana and Mileena are at it again Kitana, stop! I was only playing, big sister! Mileena stole my diary, Mother!