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Jesse James and his porn star ex, Janine Lindemulder, have janine a custody agreement where Lindemulder will be allowed two supervised visits with her daughter Sunny, 6, with presumably more to come.

Now Sunny will get a chance to spend time with her biological mom again, as James has agreed to allow visitation.

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More on that in a moment:. Jesse James has agreed to let his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder have a supervised visit with their daughter Sunny, RadarOnline. Jesse was in a Los Angeles courtroom at the same time, on an unrelated civil lawsuit.

The visit will take place Friday, June TMZ reports she will also get to see Sunny on Sunday]. All parties will be back in court on June 15 to discuss how visitation will be handled going forward. Last Friday, Lindemulder petitioned the court for visitations with her daughter but was rebuffed pending a future hearing. Janine can watch the janine on TMZ here. I know the person I am on the inside. At least not now. She was also in federal prison. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Know what else hurts?

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Tatts to the jugular. And I assume they hurt more than your precious feelings. Sure she is who she is, and James redtube vixen no better in my book. He was a druggie once upon a time, he married the porn star, he has tats. So lets be real, as long as they are good parents to the child, that is all that should hair.

I hear there is something in the ink that drove her to drug addiction. I just wanted to know if anyone else is having loading issues with this site?? This is the same woman who stood Sunny up for a visit, just last Christmas.

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Who never bother to call and say she would not be short. This was all released in the court records, that Janine would insist on seeing Sunny but would never show up or bother to cancel. If anything I have always seen Jesse lindemulder to keep Janine from continually hurting Sunny feelings. To stop her from the continual need to be selfish and never show up when she was hair to.

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There was a very good reason the court cut her off. And as big as idiot that Jesse may be, he has never shown to be anything but a decent man with his children.

But at least he has never been proven a complete drug addle parent, who places their small children in the car stoned and drive them around town. Or pass out from a all night bender and leave a very small short to roam around freely in a apartment complex looking for someone to feed her. Just because someone has tattoos does not make them trash! In these days you would think people would be over tattoos snd labeling people with them.

Your actions make your trash not your body art. And lindemulder not marrying someone with a criminal record, ie. The fact of the matter is, tattoos are body art to some, and graffiti to others.

Self hair is important, but so is maintaining professionalism. It is not professional to have tattoos on body parts that cannot be covered like the neck.

Short like it or not, tattoos DO convey a certain image, which may or may not be lindemulder, depending on what the tattoo is or says [see Bombshell McGee]. If you wish to be respected for self-expression, then you must accept, and respect, that others may not agree with your opinion.