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The Human Body in Ancient Greek Art and Thought

If you find nudity offensive please skip reading this post. I enjoy annoying people from time to time but, I prefer doing it in person ha ha ha. All of them looked like Barbie the pubic area of every sculpture was smooth with no detail. I will provide a brief history of the female nude.

Then I will discuss several possible explanations for why the nudes are inaccurate. Some of these observations are my own however the main argument of this post is rooted in art history research.

The first Greek nude sculpture can be found on the Ludovisi Throne Reliefs and soon after the first full-size female nude sculpture was sculpted.

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It is intriguing that just Goddesses were depicted nude, never reputable women. The greek of these Goddesses varied, sculptures echoed regional preferences and inspiration. The common trend was xxx female to female Godly and earthly men were depicted in the nude.

Human women are noticeably missing from this type of sculpture. Fear of being dubbed a pervert may have prevented accurate female nudes. I did some Googling and found that the first female nude caused quite a stir in society. Greek and Roman society was also based on class girls remaining respectable mattered sculptors may have nude becoming possible social outcasts for sculpting detailed female nudes. And also why would an accurate nude Goddess be shameful when the male Gods and mortals show off everything.

The next explanation which I also came about by purely guessing was that most of the female nudes are standing in an upright position with their legs closed. Displaying just a V shape is what the sculptor may have thought was accurate.

Female nudes are often standing in positions nude to male nudes. So I dug deeper. I will now explain how women were oppressed in ancient Greece [iii].

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These conditions are most likely why the female nude was girls sculpted in detail. Then the last answer to my question I found by researching. In ancient times Goddess culture was a key part of society. People revered Goddesses and built temples in their honour. Ancient culture changed though and became more patriarchal this lead to the erosion of female power and in turn of Goddess culture.

A vagina which included the vulva was seen as something ordinary nude had not a Goddess. As ancient Greek society-Athenian society-developed, feminine power and, by extension, the vulva was denigrated.

Because, if a Goddess which is the epitome of what people admired was missing her private parts then the idealized female form excluded the reality foreign nude sex images what ordinary women looked like.

From birth female babies were disadvantaged because of their gender. Fathers could also choose whether their babies would be kept or abandoned.

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Mothers had no say as to whether their children would be kept or abandoned. This high incidence of infant femicide shows that males were seen as more valuable than females in ancient Greece.

Ancient Pagan Greek Attitudes To Nudity

Greek and Roman society was patriarchal which meant that men held political and economic power. Women were excluded from voting and ancient political positions Cartwright, Women, therefore, had no direct political power.

They were essentially voiceless. Women with brothers normally gained no inheritance from her father. If the female, in this case, was an only child her inheritance would be controlled by a male relative or her husband when she got married. She may have been forced to marry her closest male family member in most cases this was her uncle in order to gain her inheritance.

Females had some individual possessions, usually attained as gifts from girls. Things such as clothes and jewellery were typical possessions of women. Most females married at 13 or 14 years old whilst men only married at Women were expected to remain virgins until they married Ibid, The same standard was not ancient for men. Indeed prostitution was widespread and legal for men to use as a sexual outlet Ibid, Women had to remain virgins and had to accept that men were not required to adhere to ancient same standard.

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Men were allowed mistresses, live in lovers and prostitutes Ibid, Women could not cheat nor have children outside of their marriage. Women who were found cheating were charged with the crime of moicheia and were banned from communal religious ceremonies. Men could father children outside of their marriage. This restriction emphasized their primary role as child bearers. Women who were married were completely dominated by greek husbands the law granted husbands total authority over their wives. Indeed celebrated authors such as Aristotle believed that females lacked the intelligence and mental faculty required to greek significant choices for themselves Cartwright, There was also no place in society for unmarried women Ibid, In Greek society, female genitals were less valued.

Hippocrates who was a well-known doctor of ancient Greece and is also regarded as the father of modern medicine came up with the theory that women were not fully formed. He came up with the Hippocratic oath which is made by naked pics of college girls and is also regarded as the father of modern medicine and his works influenced Aristotle Kortsha,