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By Radhika Sanghani. It is not easy being a woman in the Army. Another major for many female army personnel is the harassment they face. A new study into the scale of sexual harassment in the British Army has found that nearly four out of 10 women had received unwanted comments or been exposed to material of a sexual nature in the past year.

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Out of more than 7, men and women surveyed, 19 per cent of women had received unwelcome sexual gestures, while 36 per cent had seen sexually explicit material such as porn or naked calendars that they found offensive and six per cent had been deliberately sent such material. The extensive research was commissioned by the chief of the british staff Gen Sir Nick Carter.

This is the fourth report the Ministry of Defence has produced on the topic, and init found almost all women in the Armed Forces have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment and bullying. However what british surprising — even to some Army commanders - is the fact that a significant proportion of female soldiers who have been sexually harassed have been targeted by fellow women.

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British the same way that some heterosexual men harass women because of a sexual motivation, homosexual women are harassing their fellow female soldiers. Sources tell me there is little difference between the ways they do this — harassment is harassment regardless of sexuality — apart from the fact that there is often more opportunity for women to act inappropriately towards other women.

Accommodation in the Army amateur typically done based on gender, meaning that men and women will be housed in same-sex blocks. If a woman is being targeted by a fellow woman, there are potentially more chances for this inappropriate behaviour to happen without high-ranking officials cottoning on. A spokesman from the MoD told me: The results do army identify the type of incidents for which women were responsible; they cover the full range of behaviour from inappropriate comments and swearing to sexual assault.

Rebecca Crookshank, 34, served in the Royal Air Force for four years after joining zac efron having sex with vanessa Though this particular report looked solely at Army girls, she said that it also reflected the experiences she had as a young airwoman. Rebecca Crookshank. Back inshe was posted girls an isolated mountainside off the Falkland Island with 28 men.

They just have one small contained space with some beer and music.

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As a year-old woman, what can you do? I had to laugh through it. Crookshank did eventually request a meeting with a higher-ranked officer to explain what was going on, but when he flew to the mountain he see her, they held the personnel meeting in her bedroom. She is now a writer and actress. But despite the comedic edge she's given past events, Crookshank says coping with being a young woman in the RAF was a real struggle for her at the time: But clearly more people are speaking out about it now though which is good.

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Madeleine Moon MP for Bridgend. Madeleine Moon, a Labour MP who has been campaigning against sexual harassment in the Armed Forces for years, says that may be the case but there is a lot that still needs to be done. Yet again we have another report that highlights no progress has been made.

The report disagrees, concluding: It needs to be stamped out and that is precisely why the Army is taking practical action to tackle it. The problem seems to be that the nature of the Armed Forces means personnel live and work amateur, often in isolated areas. Moon says that the drinking culture can often lead to inappropriate behaviour, especially when colleagues live together as well as work and socialise together. Only around a third of women said they considered these particular actions offensive, but that still means hundreds of women are potentially being made to feel uncomfortable during their daily job.

In some amateur, they sexy thick mexican pussy not realise the impact until later — something Crookshank experienced. I look back at it and find it offensive. Moon says that the Armed Forces need to have a zero-tolerance policy against all these forms of behaviour — from grave assaults to a daily acceptance of sexualised language:.

Army has to be clamped down on right from the start as has happened in the civilian world. This report has made a number of specific recommendations — mainly for the Army to review training, consider more transparency regarding the complaints and discipline processes, and encourage people to speak up. At the moment, only three per cent of service personnel who have had a particularly upsetting experience involving sexualised behaviours make a formal written complaint — though women are more likely to do it than men.

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The report found the main reason for this reluctance was because men and women thought they could handle it themselves, though almost half were concerned about the consequences of reporting - such as the effect it would have on their career. Over a third were worried about repercussions from others involved, while women were more likely to experience negative treatment if they did reportand were more likely to be persuaded to not make a complaint.

This girls system is spring break drunk real why sexual harassment is so rife in the Armed Forces, according army the report, which also found the military may create conditions where harassment can occur, as well as prevent people from intervening then they witness it.